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"Unleash the Awesome Power of Your Subconscious Mind!

With Our Revolutionary Zero-Masked Subliminal CDs

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World's Easiest, Most Convenient Subliminals

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"A Breakthrough in Human Reprogramming"

The MindWriter™ Subliminal CDs Series offers one of the most profound breakthroughs in subliminal technology since the famous popcorn subliminals of the late 1950's.

Upto 50 Times More Effective

Numerous studies have shown that unmasked subliminals are comparatively many times more effective. Read More

Rapid Results

Steady improvement can be experienced in as little as over a 2-week period. A few people can respond within days. Read More

Unique Subliminal Phrases

Each CD contain special phrases and effective techniques for enhancing subliminal effectiveness. Read More

30+ Best Selling Subjects

Erase undesirable habits, acquire new beneficial traits. Our CD's cover the most popular and sought after subjects.

Free Shipping

Our Subliminals are now eligible for fast, free shipping... worldwide. Simply order the minimum amount of CD's. Read More

1000's of Satisfied Clients

Our company has served thousands of happy customers in over a 100 countries worldwide since 1985.

Unlike Any Other Subliminal CDs...

The revolutionary approach is the new, "Zero-Masking" feature, that makes MindWriter™ CDs the world's easiest, most convenient subliminal re-programming tool. Because, unlike other subliminal CDs, you can turn up the volume and actually "hear" the Subliminal messages. This allows you to preview what your subconscious will be hearing and responding to. Then turn the volume down, to just below audible level, and let the irresistible whisper reshape your subconscious mind in any way you desire.

Our Subliminal Cds Collection

Super Self-Confidence

Discover a Powerful Inner Source of Confidence That Will Empower and Inspire Those Around You. Our Most Popular Subliminal Reprogramming CD

Increase Your Confidence
Eliminate Fear

Erase Fear and Banish Worry from Your Thoughts.

Freedom From Fear
Increase Intelligence

Increase your IQ. Learn to begin using a larger percentage of your mental abilities. Unleash latent mental power, and much more.

Elevate Intelligence
Become Popular

You Can Become Popular. Become the center of attraction.

Become Popular
Zero Procrastination

Develop the Habit of Getting Things Done Quickly and Efficiently.

Zero Procrastination
Accelerated Learning

Dramatically increase the rate at which you learn and comprehend. Learn to absorb large amounts of new information quickly.

Accelerated Learning
Stop Pain

Use the Power of Your Mind to Erase Pain and Discomfort.

Freedom From Pain
Enhance Your Sex Life

Discover new level of enjoyment and sensation. Awaken hidden passions and dispel inhibitions to reach unimaginable new heights of physical pleasure.

Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
Superior Vision

Sharpen and Rejuvenate Your Ability to See and Focus.

Superior Vision
Super Achievement

Learn to Multiply Your Accomplishment Quotient. Become a Super Achiever in your chosen field, sport or profession.

Become a Super Achiever
Self Hypnosis

Master the Art of Self-Hypnosis in an Incredibly Short Time.

Self Hypnosis
Superior Memory

Develop a Super Power Memory. Recall things faster and eaier.

Increase Your Memory
Increase Your Energy

Unleash Newfound Personal Energy. Learn to awaken your inner source of limitless energy, strength and personal vitality.

Super Energy & Vitality
Effective Writing

Learn to become a powerful and efficient writer. Eliminate writer's block. Increase writing speed and productivity.

Effective Writing
Sleep Like a baby

Learn to Fall Asleep Whenever and Wherever You Wish. Sleep like a baby.

Sleep on Command
Read as fast as you can turn pages

Unleash Your Ability to Read with Speed, Learn with Efficiency, and Remember with Accuracy.

Faster Reading

Heal Yourself with These Mental Suggestions. Empower your body's natural healing and regeneration ability to accelerate the healing process...

Freedom from Addiction

Use this powerful subliminal weapon to break the physical and psychological bonds of addiction and discover a life free of dependency.

Freedom from Addiction
Stress-Free Relaxation

Learn to banish stress and enjoy a completely relaxed mental and physical state in virtually any situation.

Stress-Free Relaxation
Become a Great Golfer

Transform Yourself into a Truly Great Golfer.

Great Golf
Infinite Creativity

Discover the Creative Genius That Dwells Within You.

Enhance Creativity
Learn Languages Quickly

Learn Any Language Faster and More Easily.

Learn Languages Quickly
Love Attraction

Awaken your ability to become significantly more romantically attractive to others through subtle, subconsciously motivated changes in your behaviour.

Attract Love
Maximum Strength Concentration

Develop the Ability to Concentrate with Unwavering Focus.

Increase Your Concentration
Positive Enthusiasm

Discover the Incredible Power of Infectious Enthusiasm. Learn to unleash the power of your limitless source of enthusiasm and positivity.

Positive Enthusiasm
Powerful Persuasive Speaking

Become a Powerful, Persuasive Speaker. Harness your inner ability to speak with forceful and persuasive power.

Powerful Persuasive Speaking
Power Goal Setting

Discover your ability to establish and reach decisive and important short and long term goals in your life.

Power Goal Setting
Success, Prosperity & Money

Draw Success, Prosperity and Money to Yourself…Like a Magnet.

Attract Success & Money
Stop Smoking

You Really Can Stop Smoking. Use this powerful subliminal weapon to break the physical and psychological bonds of addiction to nicotine.

Stop Smoking
Weight Loss - Ideal Physical Form

Discover the Thin, Svelte, Attractive Body That Lives Within You.

Lose Weight
Self Hypnosis

Master the Art of Self-Hypnosis in an Incredibly Short Time.

Self Hypnosis

Unlike many Internet-only companies, Future-World based in Dallas - Texas - USA, has been in operation since 1985, billing customers in many different countries, filling orders and shipping to over 100 countries on six continents.

We have a solid security track record. When you shop at, you'll be joining the many thousands of customers who have safely shopped with us for nearly three decades.


Most questions can be answered in our FAQ's page here.

If you have any further questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact using the contact form on our contact page.

You can also contact us via phone or by email.

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I am impressed with the subliminal tapes. The MindWriters™ are the most effective, inexpensive and effortless way to change behavior I've yet discovered.
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I have more personal confidence than ever before, thanks to Dr. Dan Lee Dimke's Super Self-Confidence audio program.
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